English Summary

The Authority Network, Myndighetsnätverket Västernorrland, is the hub for collaboration within the public sector of authorities in the county of Västernorrland. We are 22 member organizations, among them CSN – The Swedish Board of Student Finance, Bolagsverket – Swedish Companies Registration Office, SPV – The National Government Employee Pensions Board, Mid Sweden University, Region Vasternorrland, The County Administrative Board Väsernorrland, Sundsvall Muncipality, Timrå Municipality, Kramfors Muncipality among others.

We collaborate in competence development, employee education, staff loan in and out between authorites , seminars, mentorship for managers, coworking etc.

The Authority Network organizes competence-enhancing education sessions locally in Västernorrland that are available to all members. Current education programs are developed based on the needs assessment conducted for the upcoming year. The education coordinator collaborates with the educational council to
plan which training programs should be developed and procured, as well as estimating the number of seats that will be needed.

The development of the network started in 2008 and these authorities joined the collaboration in 2009; Bolagsverket (Swedish companies registration office), CSN (Swedish National Student Aid Agency), and SPV (Swedish Pensions Agency) decide to collaborate on education and competence.
2011; Project begins (under the County Administrative Board) with nine agencies.
2014; Transition to management with its own management model.
2020; Review and development of a new collaboration and financing model.

The network collaboration model is designed with a steering committee, an educational council, a development group, networks and working groups. We have a circuling network coordinator, and an education coordinator in the network to adminstrate the working tasks for the network.

The Authority Network is financed through membership fees and training costs for education programs.
The number of employees determines the membership fee.